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My favourite conceptual works from my gallery

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 4, 2014, 5:17 PM
  • Listening to: Sia- Some people have real problems
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Dream catcher by…

Oh, my weeping willows by fairyladyphotography

Birdhood by fairyladyphotography

Birdhood by fairyladyphotography

Waiting. by fairyladyphotography

Let my imagination run away by fairyladyphotography

Shelter by fairyladyphotography

Girl with a nest by fairyladyphotography

When the birds fly away by fairyladyphotography

If you were a sailboat by fairyladyphotography

Butterly love by fairyladyphotography

Polaroid by fairyladyphotography

Sorry,I'm gone. by fairyladyphotography

Victorian morning by fairyladyphotography

. by fairyladyphotography

Zenit by…

  • Listening to: Dotyk by Edyta Górniak
I'm looking behind the window and I see drops and the darkness.
But I feel spring in the air.Today's weather was so brilliant: the sun was shining all day long.
I feel so much better than about month  or farther ago...:)
I have a lot of ideas in pocket for new photos,a lot of plans for my holidays.:)
The worst thing is my mature exam in May,but I know I can take it!
Coming spring enjoys me enough and nothing can destroy my feelings.

What are your plans for the neerest months? What do you feel in air?:)

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ENJOY! :hug:

                                                                                                                                                      Paulina :camera:
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I haven't visited DA for a very long time but now I decided to go back.:)
I'll soon upload here some old photos but much more you can find here:…

~Paulina~ :love:
  • Listening to: Sia&David Guetta-Titanum
  • Eating: Plums in chocolate
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I'm so,so sad....
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Spring is coming!!!:boogie:

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  • Listening to: Gary Moore-Still got the blues for you
  • Eating: Christmas candies

Yes,yes-a blues for Gary's Moore music.:heart:
The New Year's coming...The End of the World? I do not believe in that...
I don't like a moment when the old year finishes...I've got a very strange impression that something finishes and I  have to begin my life from zero.
I have new ideas for photos,I'm waiting for some snow(I hate it but I'd like to take some photos ;p).

I'd like to say "I don't care,fuck this!!!" and maybe sometimes is fine and I really feel like that but comes a moment when I feel down and I don't know what should I do with all the stupid things which make my life worse.

Have a nice day-Paulina :love:

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Thank you very much.

I'd like to have some time to relax . I'd like to sit on my bed, turn on the TV ,make some tea and say: I don't care.
It'll be great.
But it's impossible,the Sunday's came so fast.
I'm so exhausted of my duties and still life.
Routine kills me.

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  • Drinking: Green tea
Today...10 months from very important and magical day.Unfortunately,a lot of things since that day have changed.
And one of my favourite months has came,magical and reflective October,so colorful,full of smell of smoke from chimneys,a little rainy,sometimes sunny or cloudy.I love the light at 5 o'clock these days.When everythings has amazing colors,like after Photoshop's edition.
I feel like in paradise and try to catch every moment,because everything in life lasts so short and never repeats.
Times passes by so fast.
It was a beautiful day,so magical.

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Have a nice day-Paulina.:thanks:
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Have a nice day-Paulina.:thanks:

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Have a nice day!

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Have a nice!:heart: :heart: :heart:

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Happy New Year,everybody!!!:D

See ya in 2011!!!:boogie:
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Wszyscy mają,to ja też założyłam,jako początkujący amator.
A co mi tam.;p
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Gorąco zapraszam!:hug:
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